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The Global Focus is the worlds first 100% organic nootropic. With the only clean label solely comprised of earth grown ingredients & natural nutrients. The raw abilities of the formula feed directly to your brain without the use of any aggressive central nervous system stimulants.

By optimising specific plant extracts & natural nutrients, the Global Focus gives you complete mental efficiency & clarity. Providing an array of cognitive benefits that relay in to mental & physical outcomes, as well as brain health protection.

Global Focus supplies specific micro-nutrients of ingredients to the brain that have shown clinically trialled & documented benefits. It does not rely on aggressive CNS stimulants, therefore the 'feel' has you elicit towards the feeling of 'being in the zone' and operating in a 'flow-state' as the specific micro-nutrients are being fed directly to the brain in complete synergy.

Used the world over by elite athletes such as olympians, fighters, climbers, cross-fitters & endurance specialists. As well as highly attuned professional roles including entrepreneurs, senior executives, university lecturers & top academics, emergency service personnel, actors & public-speakers.

All Earthly Biotics products are made with earth grown ingredients & natural nutrients. They are superior quality supplements containing premium & luxury ingredients. Therefore contain no banned substances, genetically modified organisms, synthetics, binders or fillers.

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Designed To Significantly Enhance Cognitive Performance

If you believe in complete mental efficiency & clarity in everything you do. Wether it is in your academic, professional, athletic, or life endeavour and want to have your brain performing at it's highest level. Global Focus is for you.


Mitch, Civil Engineer : London 2018 -  "Its an all in one for me. I just fire on all cylinders throughout the day and I zone in so much when tackling complex tasks at work."

Mitch, Civil Engineer : London 2018 - "Its an all in one for me. I just fire on all cylinders throughout the day and I zone in so much when tackling complex tasks at work."

Brain Supplement Benefits

Alpha Brain Waves for being creative & consciously mindful

Athletic Performance at both intense & extended outputs

Composure Under Duress in reactions & response

Flow & Coordination in motor skills, verbal & visual reasoning

Cognitive Processing Speed during physical & mental stress

Mental Stamina due to sustained synchronisation of neurones

Concentration & Attention on immediate & complex tasks

Brain Health Protection from diseases for complete quality of life

Cognitive Performance Versatility

  • Sport / Competing

The Global Focus Nootropic is designed to help elite competitors at both ends of the spectrum. From the immediate intense skill requirements in sports such as MMA & Gymnastics, through to Gaming. As well as longer more sustained periods of  mental stamina & sharpness such as IronMans & CrossFit, through to Chinese Go. No matter your competition, you can hit a higher level.

  • Entrepreneurship / Business

Wether your the Chief Executive or the start-up apprentice, Global Focus Nootropic benefits can relay in to your profession. If your striving to be the best or just want to accomplish your tasks day in & day out, then get started with stable long lasting mental clarity. With complete attention to detail on all tasks.

  • Student / Learning

Due to your university work or social life you may inclined to be more visual or verbal throughout the day. Global Focus Nootropic can keep you from mentally fatiguing and help you stay more actively engaged. The long hours in the library, on coursework, and speaking engagements can be given your full concentration, creativity, & have you operating in a flow-state.

  • 50+ / Protection

Global Focus Nootropic has extended properties that can help you in all aspects of your life. From brain health for protection against age related cognitive diseases, to anti-inflammatory properties for both brain & body. We believe everyone should take as much care in brain health protection as the other aspects of our lives.

  • Overall Individualisation

The best natural cognitive performance and protection product can be used by absolutely everyone. We all have to use our brains at differing levels and intensities, therefore the Global Focus Nootropic will cater to your situation no matter what it is. You may begin to notice changes right away within the hour, as well as when looking back on the day, or even weeks later when the micro-nutrients continually stack to your peak. Grab a goal, set your sights high, and if you feel you want that extra advantage, then go ahead with a dietary supplement like our Global Focus Nootropic.

Lee, Sport & Psychology Student : Loughborough 2018 -  "It's so fascinating what the Global Focus does. I feel clear headed and well, focused! I see how it helps both my studying and sport."

Lee, Sport & Psychology Student : Loughborough 2018 - "It's so fascinating what the Global Focus does. I feel clear headed and well, focused! I see how it helps both my studying and sport."

Pat & Becks, Entrepreneurs : Miami 2018 -  "We get up so early for long days and we prefer Global Focus to coffee. It makes us so productive and on point for the entire day.

Pat & Becks, Entrepreneurs : Miami 2018 - "We get up so early for long days and we prefer Global Focus to coffee. It makes us so productive and on point for the entire day.

Dennis, CEO & Academic : Manchester 2018 -  "We had early access to Global Focus from Earthly Biotics and I have to say it continues to be very exciting. I love it's daily benefits as much as the brain health protection."

Dennis, CEO & Academic : Manchester 2018 - "We had early access to Global Focus from Earthly Biotics and I have to say it continues to be very exciting. I love it's daily benefits as much as the brain health protection."

A Natural Brain Stimulant

Clean Cognitive Enhancer

Earthly Biotics believed in assembling the most comprehensive completely clean cognitive performance nootropic, on earth, as it's first product. Having achieved that, it proves to be highly resourceful for those looking for a cleaner body & a clearer mind.

The slang term 'smart drugs' lends itself to the synthetic equivalents that plague the nootropic market. The ingredients are often unknown, can produce side effects, and rarely contain healthy contents that actually support brain functions. We encourage you to always go for a "natural smart drug" like a nootropic made with pure earth grown ingredients to get the benefits you seek.

No matter your goal or objective in your sport, work, or life. Global Focus continues to reach people all over the globe who are looking to raise the bar in their own unique way. If you have your objectives set, and your diet right, then give yourself that extra boost with the Global Focus Nootropic.



Comprehensive Nootropics Science

The research is extensive, clear, unbiased and consistent in showing that certain plants & natural nutrients hold a vast range of cognitive & physical benefits. Further, it is imperative that people choose non-synthetic, completely natural ingredients, with backed double-blind placebo controlled research to best fulfil their ambitions. Sourcing only from companies who are firmly embedded with the latest and most relevant research.
Earthly Biotics accumulates over 300 reputable published trials for the ingredients found in Global Focus, all of which can be found on our Ingredients Page.


Nootropic clinical trial for Mental Performance by Earthly Biotics
Clinical Trial of brain supplements for cognitive enhancing Global Focus Nootropic

Capacity For Mental & Physical Work

At elite levels of competition wether that be sport, academic, or professional, you want to be completely on your game all the way to the end.

"A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group clinical study with an extra non-treatment group was performed to measure the effect of a single dose of standardized SHR-5 Rhodiola rosea extract on capacity for mental work against a background of fatigue and stress."

"The study was carried out on a highly uniform population comprising 161 cadets aged from 19 to 21 years. All groups were found to have very similar initial data, with no significant difference with regard to any parameter."

" The study showed a pronounced antifatigue effect reflected in an anti fatigue index "



Because phosphatidylserine is a key component of healthy cells, it has been found that athletes can benefit hugely by taking it as a daily supplement. In several studies, phosphatidylserine has been shown to decrease muscle damage and improve the body’s response to being put under stress. 

The world of endurance sports has also seen benefits through PS supplementation. A recent study looked at the effects of phosphatidylserine on endurance using active male cyclists for accuracy over 10 days. The researchers found that a daily dose of PS allowed cyclists to increase their exercise time to exhaustion significantly at different outputs, essentially extending stamina and endurance. 

Phosphatidylserine being a huge benefit for cognitive improvement as well as physical, a study concludes;
“PS supplementation significantly reduced the time needed for a correct calculation on the SST by 20%, and reduced the total amount of errors by 39%, and increased the amount of correct calculations by 13%, prior to or in response to exercise compared to placebo.

Cognitive Control-Function

When your up against it and the pressure mounts, allow yourself to perform at an even higher level.

"In this study we tested the idea that the food supplement l-Tyrosine (TYR) repletes resources required for cognitive-control operations."

"We investigated whether the “updating” (and monitoring) of working memory (WM) representations, a key cognitive-control function, can be promoted by administering TYR, the biochemical precursor of dopamine. Participants performed an N-back task where we compared the WM-demanding 2-back condition with the WM-undemanding 1-back condition."

"As expected, TYR promoted performance in the more demanding (2-back) compared in the easier (1-back) condition, suggesting that TYR selectively targets cognitive-control operations.

"This result suggests that TYR can replete cognitive resources when more control is needed and, more generally, that food can act as a cognitive enhancer."

Brain Performance Nootropic chart for clinical trial by Earthly Biotics

Smart Drugs clinical trial for global focus nootropic by earthly biotics
Global Focus Nootropic science chart for Smart Drugs of earth grown ingredients

Increasing Alpha Brainwave Activity

Coming from our Oat Straw Extract & L-Theanine, Alpha Brainwaves operate at 7.5-12.5hz, arising from synchronous & coherent electrical activity. Two comprehensive studies showed that they can enhance a composed focus with intuitive creativity by reducing distraction & irrelevant impulse.

Brown Universities neuroscientists were researching how the brain achieves "optimal inattention" by altering the synchronization of brain wave patterns in different brain regions. The February 2015 study titled, “Attention Drives Synchronization of Alpha and Beta Rhythms between Right Inferior Frontal and Primary Sensory Neocortex,” was published in the Journal of Neuroscience. It summarised the results citing,

"These results are the first to reveal distinct interactions between primary sensory cortex and rIFC in humans and suggest that synchrony between rIFC and primary sensory representations plays a role in the inhibition of irrelevant sensory stimuli and motor responses."

Extending the importance of Alpha Brainwaves place for focus and intuitive accurate responses was then furthered by the April 2015 study “Functional Role of Frontal Alpha Oscillations in Creativity,” which was published in the journal Cortex. In a press release, Flavio Frohlich PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry, cell biology and physiology, biomedical engineering, and neurology at UNC said,

"This study is a proof-of-concept. We've provided the first evidence that specifically enhancing alpha oscillations is a causal trigger of a specific and complex behavior—in this case, creativity."



Best Nootropic Supplement

At Disproportionate Value

Global Focus completely packs its vegan capsules with only the very best. Giving you over 1,412mg of pure premium grade ingredients in a 2 capsule serving. We have trademarked our formula blend, and decide to show all informational values for the encouragement of competitive comparison. You will also see under 'other ingredients' the word 'none', a testament to the purity & clean label product. We believe in delivering disproportionate value to our customers and encourage you to always analyse & compare labels, especially in nootropics. For full informational write ups of all headings listed under 'Benefits', please visit our Adaptogens Page.


Buy Best Nootropics UK Global Focus with Ginseng

Ginseng / Araliaceae Panax


  • Improved Mental Performance

  • Enhancing Concentration & Learning

  • Boost Physical & Mental Energy

  • Increasing Cognitive Function Abilities

  • Protects & Fuels Brain Mitochondria

  • Reduces Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

  • Better Lung Function

  • Immune System

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Cancer Preventative

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Best Cognitive earth grown ingredient Phosphatidylserine from Global Focus Nootropic

Phosphatidylserine / PS / Sunflower Lecithin


  • Boosting Athletic Performance

  • Improving Mental Agility in Athletes

  • Enabling Relaxation

  • Preventing Brain Degeneration

  • Improving Memory

  • Reducing Stress

  • Combating ADHD

  • Fighting Alzheimer’s

  • Improving Parkinson’s Symptoms

  • Relieving Depression

nacetyl lcarnitine natural smart drug nootropic in Global Focus by Earthly Biotics

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine / ALCAR


  • Increases Brain Energy & Performance

  • Slows Rate of Cognitive Decline

  • Reduce Muscle Damage & Increased Muscle Recovery

  • Increased Power Output & Muscle Fuel Metabolism

  • Effective For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Improved Attributes Related to Sex

Best Nootropic French Maritime Pine Bark in Global Focus by Earthly Biotics

French Maritime Pine Bark / Pinus Pinaster


  • Improved cognitive performance & brain function

  • Enhancing athletic performance

  • Increasing mental stamina and blood flow circulation

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

  • Pine Bark Extract VS Aspirin

Best Nootropic Rhodiola Rosea earth grown ingredient in Global Focus Nootropic

Rhodiola Rosea / Kings Crown / The Golden Root


  • Increases Concentration

  • Boosts Performance & Energy

  • Directly Fights Fatigue & Tiredness

  • Improves Cognitive Function Mental Health

  • Assists in Fat Burn

  • Energising & Anti-ageing

Ltheanine powerful cognitive performance product in Global Focus

L-Theanine / r-glutamylethylamide


  • Increasing Alpha-brain Waves.

  • Boosting Neurotransmitters.

  • Improving Theta-brain Waves.

  • Reducing The Impact of Stress

  • Lowering The Incidence of Stroke

  • Improving Quality of Sleep

Pterostilbene Natural cognitive enhancer in global focus nootropic by earthly biotics

Pterostilbene / Indian Kino Tree


  • Improves Cognition & Age-Related Decline

  • Improves Overall Brain Function & Memory

  • Maintains Cardiovascular Health

  • Protects Neurons

  • Boosts Dopamine

  • Reduces Anxiety

Nacetyl Ltyrosine brain supplement in global focus by earthly biotics

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine / NALT / TYR


  • Boosts Neurotransmitters For Fight or Flight Response

  • Enhanced Cognitive Speed & Flexibility

  • Improved Performance Under Stress

  • Lowers Blood Pressure Under Stress

  • Combats ADHD

Buy best cognitive performance product Global Focus with Piperine

Piperine / Piper Nigrum


  • Boosts Bioavailability

  • Potentiates the Beneficial Effects of Low-Bioavailable Ingredients

  • Protects Against Alzheimer’s

  • Works as An Anti-Depressant

Buy best smart drug supplement Global Focus with Lalpha GPC

L-Alpha GPC / Choline Alfoscerate

The Benefits

  • Improves Focus & Cognitive Processing Speed

  • Boosts Learning & Memory

  • Strength, Power, & Lean Muscle Mass

  • Boosts Dopamine

  • Brain Health Protection

Cognitive Performance Supplement Avena Sativa found in Global Focus by Earthly Biotics


Avena Sativa / Oat Straw Extract


  • Increases Alpha Brain Waves

  • Improves Cognition

  • Boosts Cerebral Circulation

  • Provides Age-Related Brain Protection

Natural Cognitive Performance earth grown ingredient Ginkgo Biloba in Global Focus Nootropic by Earthly Biotics

Ginkgo Biloba / Salisburia Adiantifolia


  • Cognition and Mental Performance

  • Increased Concentration

  • Cerebral Circulation

  • Improved Quality of Life

  • Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

  • Vision and Eye Health

Brain Supplement Vitamins B6 in Earthly Biotics Global Focus Nootropic

Vitamin B6 / Pyridoxine


  • Neurotransmitter Synthesis

  • Improved Concentration & Reduced Stress

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Vivid Dreams & Deep Sleep

  • Maintains Healthy Blood Vessels

  • May Prevent Parkinsons Disease

  • Beats Panic Attacks



The Best Cognitive Advantage

Global Focus contains no banned substances or needless synthetics, binders or fillers, as we are the leaders and innovators of our industry for allowing you complete peace of mind of the substances entering your body. Simply put as clean, pure, elevated function. Representing the highest quality product and brand in the market are some of the the most exceptionally capable and knowledgeable people of their professions & disciplines.


Best Nootropics UK Academic Juliette Norman for Earthly Biotics

Juliette Norman, BSc MSc MRes

Finishing PhD In Metabolic Health - Master Of Research In Musculoskeletal Health - Ultra Distance Runner

"The key advantage that Earthly Biotics has over other dietary supplements that boast cognitive
improvements, is the exclusive use of natural ingredients without the use of strong CNS stimulants such as caffeine & others which can have unwanted or negative side effects."

"Currently, Earthly Biotics Global Focus is the only cognitive supplement of its type that I am happy to take. This is due to the absolute professionalism and care that has been put in to the quality. It's just on another level to anything else."

Earthly Biotics Pro Team Trainer Cognitive Enhancer Harry Jocelyn

Harry Jocelyn

Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation - Anatomy In Motion® Teacher & Practitioner - Co-Founder Of Kogma Kinetics®

"Earthly Biotics first product the Global Focus already proves the heavyweight role they're going to take in supplying organic adaptogens for both the athletic and professional industries at the highest level."

"`I take my Global Focus as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach. Wether I'm pushing myself or working on other people, I'm 100% switched on and ready to go."